Party information

All Party Packages Include:

An hour and a half private party

Pizza or bagels 

Soda and juice  

Coffee for adults​  

Paper goods  


Party hostess  

Video games

Music and dancing

Nail polish and temporary tattoos


Birthday picture of the entire group for keepsake  

Just bring a cake!  

​Also available: 

Pizza for adults

Package Descriptions

Package A:

10 Kids $299.00  

$20.00 each additional child  

Plaster Craft

Over 100 pieces to choose from!

Package B:

10 Kids $345.00  

$20.00 each additional child  

Accessory boxes, Mini Lockers, Piggy Banks

Package C:

10 Kids $395.00
$25.00 each additional child


​15'-18' Stuffed animal with outfit of your choice!